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Lone Star Resort, Inc.
3206 County Road 325
Navasota, TX  77868


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About Us

The officers of Lone Star Resort, Inc. have an extensive business background and have been very involved in the nudist world for many years. They are long-time members of AANR and TNS, and have visited many nudist resorts across the USA and around the world. Their travels to other resorts give them a wealth of knowledge and ideas for making Lone Star Resort the "Rising Star" among nudist resorts in Texas.

The resort's officers also run Buff Divers, a travel club for scuba divers who desire to be clothes-free while on dive vacations. For many years they have organized and led group trips to exotic dive destinations all over the globe, and arranged for Buff Divers' members to be nude while there. In most instances, they accomplished this by filling an entire resort or live-aboard dive boat. By so doing, Buff Divers members were able to go to places that would normaly not allow people to be nude. Thus, by taking divers on nude dive trips, the resort's officers have truly served as Ambassadors for nude recreation.

The Lone Star staff welcomes you to one of the most naturally beautiful resort settings one could imagine. We are proud to offer some of the finest amenities you will find at any nudist resort.

Our pledge is to treat all members, visitors, and guests with dignity and respect.

Our mission is to create a place of beauty and serenity where people can relax and enjoy nature in a stressfree environment; to promote nude recreation as wholesome and positive; and to provide a community where friendships develop that will last a lifetime.

Our goal is to make Lone Star Resort the very best clothing-optional resort in Texas.

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